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One Mission Society (OMS), a Billion.Global partner, sends out church planters all over the globe, including Africa. In Africa, due to cultural and language barriers, it can be challenging to present the Gospel in a relevant and effective way.

Since 1979, the Jesus Film has been shown to be a fruitful way to share the Gospel, but the equipment was very heavy and took much time to set up, especially in remote villages.

Today, the Jesus Film, a Billion.Global partner, has made all the equipment available in a back pack that only weighs 23 pounds! Through Billion.Global, OMS and the Jesus Film have connected and OMS is working to obtain 23 back packs to distribute to numerous regions in Africa. OMS has already taken 7 back packs to Africa! Jesus Film is now making these back packs available free of charge to all Billion.Global partners!

We are excited to see how God will use each partner within Billion.Global to reach more people for him!


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