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What is Billion.Global?

Billion.Global is a network of ministry partners collaborating to reach one billion people with the Gospel.

The Origin

This vision originated from a burden placed on the heart of Bob Fetherlin, former President of One Mission Society (OMS).


One Mission Society is an evangelical mission organization that partners with over 180 organizations and 30 denominations to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and multiply communities of disciples globally.


OMS launched the Billion.Global Vision on July 1, 2016 during its biannual international conference in Marion, Indiana, and now the vision has grown to include partners beyond the organization’s

Our Commitment

We commit to love God and our neighbors wholeheartedly, those living close to us and those living around the world.


We commit to love people abundantly by giving an opportunity to hear, understand, and believe the Good News of Jesus Christ to those who have not yet heard.


We pray that God will take our efforts and multiply them so that over a 10-year period (2016-2026), at least one billion people will have the opportunity to respond to the Gospel.

Our Principles

Work diligently to focus as many resources as possible on people without access to the gospel, and make sure new believers are discipled and new worshiping groups are established.

United Prayer
Mutually intercede for God’s empowerment and provision to accomplish this vision.

Seek new coalition partners within your sphere of influence.

Annually share our statistics of valid opportunities God has, by His grace, used us to give.

Expanding Partners’ Platforms
Regularly share relevant tools, strategies, and breakthrough ideas with one another.

Refuse any glory for ourselves or our organizations, giving all glory to God.

Billion.Global believes in fostering relationships that lead to kingdom synergy. As shown in the chart below, any organization can grow in collaboration that works to further effective ministry.

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