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Don’t Overlook the Obvious

Our evangelism team flew to Medellín, Colombia, for the sole purpose of serving alongside local church members living north of the city to evangelize the people who live in their communities. When you go on a mission trip like this, it can be so focused on the plan of door-to-door evangelism and Gospel sharing that you can easily overlook the obvious that God has placed right in front of your eyes. The obvious, right in front of our eyes that week, was our bus driver Julian.

We had spent most of the day on Sunday and Monday with Julian as he drove us to church on Sunday and to the local church we worked with on Monday. On Tuesday morning, I asked our team leaders if I could stay behind at the bus and share the Gospel with Julian. So, a couple other guys and I stayed with Julian as the others went to start sharing at an apartment complex close to where the bus was parked.

We had a great conversation with Julian. I shared my testimony and the Gospel with him after receiving permission from him to do so. After sharing the Good News, I asked Julian if he was ready to repent and trust in Jesus as his only hope of eternal life. He said yes and made a profession of faith in Christ. After spending awhile with Julian, we gave him a Bible and then we joined the rest of the team in sharing the Gospel in the community.

On Wednesday morning, Julian said that he had already read the first five chapters of the Gospel of John. We noticed a big change in Julian’s countenance from that time forward. As far as we could humanly tell, it sure seemed to be none other than the joy of salvation found in the Lord Jesus Christ!

Whether we are on an evangelism mission trip in another country or simply living our everyday lives, we must not get so focused on our plan that we miss the obvious that God places before us every day. Every time we encounter someone in our everyday lives, it has been ordained by God before the foundation of the world. In all of these encounters, we should try to engage people, get to know them, listen to them, and attempt to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. We don’t have to wait for a prompting, or a feeling or anything else subjective. God has already objectively commanded us to share with everyone. I recommend asking permission to share the Gospel first, then move forward with this Good News. May we not overlook the obvious whether on a mission trip or in our everyday lives.

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