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Beyond Corona...

The Corona virus will pass!

As we prepare to enter into a season when the virus will peak and then pass, I believe God would say it is time to ELEVATE our thinking.

I hope you find my thoughts, based upon each letter of the word ‘ELEVATE’, an encouragement for the season of opportunity that lies ‘beyond corona’. E - Expect More So often our expectations are limited by the negativities and barriers that surround us. In the midst of life, we cannot see what God is doing because of the circumstances that engulf us. Let’s allow God to elevate every area of our lives. As we do, we will be able to see much more of the good future God has for us and as a result, we will come to expect so much more ... because there is so much more.

L - Look to God, Not Man In the past, we may have expected that men, even men of God, would meet the needs of the dream that God placed within our hearts. This may well have led to times of disappointment and discouragement. I believe God is calling us to look to him alone. In Him, there is no disappointment or discouragement. He will even cause the wealth of the wicked to be redirected so that His purposes can come to pass.

E - Escalate Preparations Now is not the time to sit back and wait. Now is the time to prepare. Now is time to do all you know to do. A season of acceleration is coming. A season of God’s grace and favour like we have not yet seen. God is calling us to be ready to step into all that he is about to do. Do not be caught out unprepared. Be ready!

V - Value Kingdom Partnerships I heard it said often that ‘there are no lone rangers in the kingdom of God’. The truth is too many of us try to go it alone and as a result, don’t go as far as we could. God wants to bring his people into new Kingdom partnerships that will cause His Kingdom to come in greater measure, in more places and in more ways than we ever imagined. Seek God’s wisdom and partner with those who seek to see His kingdom come.

A - Advance, Every Day Every day is important. Every day is filled with opportunities to advance. No day is to be wasted.

God is calling us to advance every day. Opposition will come but it is through opposition that we have an opportunity to prove God’s faithfulness and see His victory released in our families, communities, cities and nations. Let’s be determined to advance every day.

T - Transformed Thinking, Transforms Nations

Like a filter on am engine, our minds can become polluted by the dirt and grime that passes through it. Polluted filters block up engines and stop then moving. So too, it’s time to remove the pollution that clogged up our minds. It’s time to remove the pollution caused by the world, the pollution caused by fear, the pollution caused by negativity and the pollution caused by faithless religion. Let’s be determined to transform our minds and in return, we will see nations transformed. E - Embrace All That God Is Doing Throughout history, God has been at work. His ways change but his purposes remain the same; to see the world transformed by his love and restored to its original Kingdom design. I believe God is about to move in ways we have not yet seen. His ways will surprise us. We need to embrace all that He is doing. Our traditions and cultures should not be allowed to hold us back any longer. God is on the move and He invites us to join Him. Let’s:

  • Elevate our thoughts;

  • Elevate our words; and

  • Elevate our actions.

Written by Tommy Stewart, Christians Who Lead

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