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Dare to be a Little "Strange" for the Gospel

Spanish singer and actress Lucia Ranz met Maria, a Steiger Missions School graduate, when they were both invited to record background vocals for an album.

Before being introduced to her, the owner of the studio told Lucia, "Be patient with the other vocalist - she's a bit strange and talks about God all the time, but she's really nice." That day, Maria shared her testimony in the studio and offered to pray for Lucia, who opened her heart and shared how she had recently lost her mother to cancer. She was hurting, angry with God, and trying to work through her loss.

Maria and Lucia became friends and last year, they went to a Steiger seminar in Madrid where David and Jodi Pierce were speaking. That night, after David preached, Lucia gave her life to Jesus. Afterwards, she and Jodi talked for a long time and, before saying goodbye, Jodi invited Lucia to come to Revolutionary Week in Germany this summer. Last month, the girls arrived in Germany to participate in Revolutionary Week. By the end of the week, Lucia was hungry for more of Jesus and was invited to stay for another week at the Steiger Missions School. She spent the following days soaking in the SMS's times of worship, teaching, and discussions, and engaging in after-hours discipleship Bible studies with Steiger leaders.

"Since the beginning of Revolutionary Week, I felt I was surrounded by loving people. God was making these walls of hate in my heart and mind crumble. It's interesting how living by God's love can be so different from living according to the limitations of hate."

At the end of the week, Lucia made a decision. Surrounded by the group of new friends who she had spent the past weeks with, she was baptized in the Elbe River in Meissen. During her time at Steiger’s center in Germany, Lucia experienced the presence of God and realized that He had been sending her signs of His love since the death of her mother - through creation, dreams, the Bible, and the many people He had placed in her path.

“Since I came back from Steiger, I have felt freer! I try to love others more. I'm amazed and I'm so thankful and blessed. I'm trusting in God's Word!”

Written by Steiger International, a Billion.Global partner.

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