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Youth around the globe are leaving the church in droves.

The story is no different in South Korea. The Korea Evangelical Holiness Church (KEHC) was at a loss on how to engage their youth. As they brainstormed methods to reach the youth in Korea, another Billion.Global partner, Steiger International, a ministry that reaches out to the unreached youth culture through music and the arts, was praying for God to open the door in Asia.

Through Billion.Global, the KEHC and Steiger were connected with one another. The two partners, one located in California and another in Minnesota, were having trouble getting their schedules to align so they could meet to plan on how to reach the Korean youth. To their surprise, God astoundingly arranged for them to meet in Los Angeles, California this spring!

The two partners have collaborated in hosting a conference for the Korean youth with the hope of engaging the unchurched youth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

We are consistently amazed at how God divinely uses the connections made through Billion.Global to advance his Gospel around the globe!


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