The Process

1. Request to be a partner

2. Wait on approval

You will receive an email once approved.

We may schedule a meeting during this phase to get to know you and your organization better.

3. Get involved

Here a few ways you can get involved as a partner:

1. Give and receive prayer on the Billion.Global Online Community

2. Share your resources/services with other partners on the Billion.Global Exchange

3. Share stories of transformation on the Billion.Global Facebook page

4. Track and share metrics

Appoint a person to keep track of how many people you have shared the Gospel with and share these metrics with the Coalition. We will do our best to assist partners in this area if necessary.

5. Recruit new partners

Once you feel you have the hang of it you can invite other partners to become a part of the Billion.Global Coalition!

191,080,844 people reached

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